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1, shearing bending machine service engineer: 1; (South China)

Master shears the oil circuit bending, circuit and mechanical expertise. Shearing machine bending machine more than three years experience in maintenance.

Very high professionalism, a customer asks you to do one thing, you must take the initiative to do two things, three things of the spirit. Exceed customer requirements, maximize meet customer needs.

Strong sense of responsibility and love, machine maintenance, maintenance is completed, will wipe the machine clean, beautiful, a new delivery customers.

2, a sales representative: 2; (South China, Pearl River Delta)

Learn shearing bending machine, industrial automation, electrical and other expertise. More than one year experience in machinery sales.

Character better, pragmatic, sincere, long-term business and customer service.

Customers want, do their best to provide customers with the best solution.

Shopping guide make customers work for the customer to save every penny, the biggest thing to do to meet customer requirements.

Efforts to establish a win-win cooperation with clients partnership!

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