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Taurus forging of the

Taurus forging of the "Top Ten" title


Recently, in the laboratory by the Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Provincial Science and Technology Department, Department of Commerce, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau, the Provincial Technical Supervision, Provincial Intellectual Property Office organized in 12 bureau of Shaanxi in 2006 the annual summit of economic development brand, "Taurus" Forging Machine won the first such license in Shaanxi Top Ten Brands Award electromechanical industry.

Shaanxi Province, better to strengthen independent innovation and the development of independent brand construction, set up a typical brand of Shaanxi, and promote overall economic development of Shaanxi Province, January 20, Harmony Shaanxi, Brand Festival Brand ----- 2006 Annual Economic Development Summit in Shaanxi held in Xi'an, Shaanxi, more than 200 industry leading brands won the first top ten brands in Shaanxi, the first people in Shaanxi Ten Outstanding Brand Award six of 13 industry awards. Our company was awarded the gold level of economic development in Shaanxi brand unit, concentrating on promoting the brand of Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Province, ten brands electromechanical industry honor.
Yang Yongmao deputy secretary of Shaanxi Province, the Provincial People's Congress, deputy director of Deng Li, Chen regeneration, Shaanxi Economic Development Association president, former vice governor Wang Shuangxi, Shaanxi Province, Deputy Director of Policy Advisory Committee, the provincial CPPCC Vice-Chairman Tian Yuan and other former leaders attended the event. At the summit, a grand meeting a number of Shaanxi Province and the representative of the outstanding representatives of well-known brand, has greatly enhanced the ability of independent innovation and brand awareness. From ten cities in Shaanxi, including high technology, oil, roads, communications, electricity, water, construction real estate, industrial and commercial agriculture, forestry, finance and investment, education, food and other industries focused on state-owned enterprises, private business elite on behalf of three hundred people attended this summit. Our development and production as one of the earliest shearing bending machine forging equipment production base was the second annual summit of Shaanxi's economic development unit of Gold brand was awarded the key to promote the brand in Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi, the honorary title of Top Ten Brands. Luo Anping, general manager at the General Assembly, and to "adhere to independent innovation, leading the forging machine tool industry" as its theme the General Assembly.
The summit of "independent innovation, brand building", which is a whole different industries in Shaanxi review, establish a number of benchmark companies and leaders of the brand, leading the healthy development of various industries in Shaanxi, improved enterprise visibility, reputation and brand value. The event was organized by the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Policy Research, School of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Provincial Science and Technology Department, Ministry of Economic Development Association, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau, Department of Commerce and other 12 units organized by the Economic Daily, Shaanxi Daily, Shaanxi Television, China Daily and other major media cover this meeting were reported. The summit also launched the brand alliance set up in Shaanxi, the community made a solemn declaration the brand alliance.





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