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Taurus start forging expansion project

Taurus start forging expansion project
April 2, Taurus Forging Co., Ltd. Baoji jiangzhang industrial base in the NC forming machine tools to expand production capacity at technical transformation project ceremony. Mayor Ma Xian-ping attended the foundation laying ceremony of the project and issued orders started.

County, leading Ma Xian-ping, Fu Yu Jian, ZHANG Jian-ke, Sui-Qi Zhang, Lifeng Chun attended the ceremony.

Taurus Forging Co., Ltd. Baoji president and general manager Luo Anping introduced the project of the situation.

As the first development of eight projects in the city park one of the major breakthroughs in engineering, Taurus the company to expand production capacity of CNC metal forming machine technology projects a total investment of 50 million yuan, 70 acres of land, construction of 20,000 square meters of production workshops, the purchase of related equipment 30 more than one (sets) and the corresponding facilities. Taurus in the relevant departments and companies to support the efforts so far, the project has invested a total of 7 million yuan, land wall ring puzzle over, steel frame structure has orders for factory equipment. After completion of the project, it will increase output of more than 1000, the annual output reached 150 million yuan and profits and taxes 13 million yuan and tax of 6 million yuan, 200 new jobs.

Xianjingmaoju, jiangzhang industrial base head office has said in the statement, will increase support for reconstruction efforts to ensure the project schedule into use.

Ping Ma fresh start Magistrate issued orders. Subsequently, the county leadership and the relevant departments on the project foundation earth person.

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